The Compass Experience

Your relationship with your financial advisor should be one based on trust, transparency and open communication. Our focus at Compass is to listen to you, answer your questions and together build a customized plan and investment portfolio to help you reach your financial goals.

Our promise to you is to always act in your best interest, charge reasonable fees, be diligent in our investment research, avoid conflicts of interest when possible and be readily available to answer your questions or provide assistance.

Compass Financial Planning is a fee-only, independent advisor, which means we do not receive any commissions or referral fees that can create conflicts of interest.

Details on the Compass Process

Prospective Client Introductory Experience:
The Compass introductory meeting process has been designed to help you decide if Compass is a good fit for your needs with absolutely no obligation or pressure. To learn more about Compass’s services, you can schedule a complimentary 30 minute meeting with Carolyn.

What to expect in the introductory meeting:

  • An overview of the services offered by Compass
  • A summary of Compass’s investment philosophy
  • A transparent description of fees
  • Plenty of time for you to share your expectations, concerns and needs

Following this meeting, you can take as much time as you like to decide if Compass is right for you.

To schedule your complimentary session, click here, call us at 805-888-1597 or email us at

New Client Onboarding Experience:
Once you have decided to become a Compass client, we will begin the onboarding process. This involves a questionnaire, document gathering and meetings to build a full picture of your financial situation, goals, concerns and unique life circumstances. If you desire, and upon receiving your approval, we are also happy to speak directly with your accountant, estate planning attorney or other professionals to gain an enhanced understanding of any special tax, estate planning or other circumstances that we should consider. We believe it is essential for us to have a complete understanding of your financial situation in order to build an appropriate plan and investment portfolio.

During this process, we organize and store your information and documents in our secure financial planning software which you can access online through the client portal. This software provides you with numerous benefits at no additional cost to you:

  • A consolidated snapshot of your assets
  • A place to securely store and access your important documents (wills, trusts, tax returns, insurance policies, etc)
  • A budgeting tool
  • The capacity to link your financial accounts directly so that your account values are updated automatically
  • The ability to view various reports including cash flow projections, net worth history and a summary of your assets and liabilities

Compass will also assist you in opening a brokerage account with our recommended independent custodian and facilitate transfer of assets into this account.

Existing Client Experience:
Please see our Services page for more details on the Existing Client Experience.

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