Our History

Carolyn Herzog founded Compass Financial Planning in order to be exactly the kind of financial advisor she would want for herself. She created a friendly, no pressure, open communication environment that carefully considers each client’s individual circumstances.  She then invests and advises in a responsible manner. To Carolyn this means charging reasonable fees, avoiding conflicts of interest, having unrestricted investment choices and performing in-depth research. She also structured the business model in such a way as to ensure that each client receives the appropriate amount of time and attention.

Compass Financial Planning’s mission is to help our clients establish and reach their financial goals through open communication, education, responsible investing and thoughtful financial planning. We serve clients in the San Luis Obispo region and beyond.

The core values that we espouse in executing on our mission are:

  • Transparency: Our clients should understand their investments, their financial plan and the fees they are paying.
  • Availability: We are here when our clients need us to answer their questions and address their concerns.
  • Education: We will explain investments and financial matters in plain English so that our clients understand their financial situation.
  • Responsibility: We understand the trust our clients place in us and make investment decisions based on thorough research.
  • Fiduciary: The best interests of our clients always come first.

Let’s Make Your Financial Goals Happen