What to Expect as a Financial Planning Client

We understand that some clients may not want ongoing investment management services. Rather, they may simply want help coming up with a plan to reduce debt, create a savings plan for their children’s education or work through different retirement planning scenarios. For these clients, we offer our project-based Financial Planning services.

The Financial Planning Process

The first step to the financial planning process is to understand the scope of your project. You can set up a complimentary 30 minute introductory meeting to talk through the specifics of what you would like to cover in your project. We can then provide you with an estimate of how many hours your project will take and the resulting estimated cost of your project. If you decide to move forward then we will go through a series of meetings to gather all relevant financial information from you to address your financial planning needs.
Upon completion, you will receive a financial plan from Compass discussing our analysis and recommendations.

What do I receive in return for the financial planning fees?

As a financial planning client of Compass, at the completion of your project you will receive:

  • A financial plan discussing our analysis and recommendations
  • A meeting with Compass to discuss the financial plan and answer any questions you may have
  • When appropriate, helpful resources and guides to assist you moving forward
  • Access to an online portal where you can view your financial data, reports and use the budgeting tool if you so desire

What happens after my financial planning project is complete?

As a financial planning client, once your project is completed, you will not receive ongoing investment management, financial planning or portfolio monitoring services from Compass. If you decide that you wish to engage Compass for Investment Management services to implement your financial plan then the fees paid for financial planning services will be credited toward your first year’s investment advisory fee.
Clients receiving a financial plan are under no obligation to act upon any recommendations and may follow or disregard, wholly or in part, any information, recommendation or advice provided by Compass. Further, clients are free to select any advisory firm, brokerage firm or insurance agency or similar sales agency or representative to implement the advice and recommendations provided by Compass as part of the financial plan.

Do you do financial planning for businesses?

Yes. Compass can help your business with its financial planning. Services provided include building a financial model and forecasts, performing financial scenario analysis, considering the benefits and drawbacks of different funding vehicles and more. Feel free to contact us to discuss your business’s needs and to get a complimentary quote.

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